Award Certification
To further improve the overall service level, customer-friendly orientation, and a strong sense of social accountability, Well Born Real Estate Management Limited has over the years obtained a wide spectrum of certificates for international standard certifications issued by "Hong Kong Quality Assurance Agency (HKQAA)", such as ISO9001 Quality Management System, ISO14001 Environmental Management System, OHSAS18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System, and ISO10002 Complaint Handling Management System. The company has also obtained the "Hong Kong Q-Mark Service Scheme" mark issued by the "Hong Kong Q-Mark Council, Federation of Hong Kong Industries". This signifies that the company has already set up and implemented a set of management systems that keep abreast with international standards on quality, environment, occupational safety and health and complaint handling.

Integrated Management System (IMS) The above-mentioned systems are inter-related and combined. In 2005 the "Hong Kong Quality Assurance Agency (HKQAA)" issued the certificate of "Integrated Management System (IMS)" certificate, which combines the practice of the quality management, environmental management, occupational safety and health management and complaint handling management into a single integrated management system, and successfully connects various flows/procedures to practice better management, improve workplaces, health, safety and environmental protection in order to keep pace with social progress

Certificate Certificate Description
Quality Management System
Having obtained the “Quality Management System” certificate in 1999, the company focuses on customers, and takes a leadership role in quality policies and aims, continuous improvement, internal and external communications, data analysis, resource management and facts as the base competencies. The company evaluates and confirms customer satisfaction with the product/service, monitors and improves implementation in the “Plan, Do, Check, and Adjust (PDCA)” pattern, in order to achieve customer satisfaction with the product/service.
Environmental Management System
Having earned the “Environmental Management System” certificate in 2000 for its implementation of environmental management, the company focuses on the elements of the existing and potential influences of products, activities, and services on the environment in carrying out management and control in order to clarify employees’ responsibilities and the division of labour in an effort to boost employees’ environmental protection awareness to ensure that the company complies with the environmental protection regulations, and makes joint efforts to improve the environment.
Occupational Health and Safety Management System
Having obtained the “Occupational Safety and Health Management System” certificate in 2004, the Company focuses on the health and safety of company employees and the joint participation of the management and all the employees, establishes a company culture of safety, identifies work risk/damage estimates, reduces damages caused to employees in their production/provision of services, and works to improve employees’ occupational safety consciousness in an all-round manner to ensure their health and safety.
Complaint Handling Management System
Having obtained the “Complaint Handling Management System” certificate in 2005, the company formulates effective complaint handling procedures to improve employees’ skills in handling customer complaints, establishes customer communication channels to allow customers make suggestions to the company, and conducts sound communications with customers lodging complaints, thereby transforming customers’ reflections/attention into the valuable efficiency of the company, thus improving the image and the credit of the company.
Hong Kong Q-Mark Service Scheme

In 2004, the company obtained the “Hong Kong Q-Mark Service Scheme mark issued by “Hong Kong Q-Mark Council, Federation of Hong Kong Industries, in recognition of its devotion to improve service quality and the management system in an effort to ensure compliance of its service with international standards.