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The Year of Reforms - Henderson Land’s theme of the year - has been officially inaugurated at the 2018 reunion and recognition dinner of the property management department held at The Mira on 22 January 2019. Mr. Suen Kwok Lam, BBS, MH, JP, Executive Director of Henderson Land, said the entire staff of the property management department had shown dedication in striving for excellence in the past year, garnering recognitions and good results in different aspects. In addition to maintaining professionalism in property management, they also continued their services essential for the Group’s development. However, to prevent established rules and systems from being regarded as mere routine and suffering slack implementation, this year has been designated as the Year of Reforms for all staff members to seek retrospection and self-improvements, so as to eliminate weaknesses and achieve advancement. Citing the Book of Rites: “If you renew yourself for one day, you can renew yourself daily, and continue to do so”, Mr. Suen encouraged the staff to not only focus on insufficiencies but also create improvements and innovative proposals. Ideas or proposals selected would be awarded with at least HK$2,000 without cap. He expressed his hope that the Year of Reforms could refresh and rejuvenate the property management department. Upholding its corporate social responsibility, Henderson Land is the first to promote and deepen awareness of social issues with the help of themed years. Themes from 1998 include Year of Fire Safety, Year of Cleanliness, Year of Environmental Protection, Year of Education, Year of Courtesy, Year of Team Spirit, Year of Integrity, Year of Safety, Year of Diligence & Savings, Year of Care, Year of Senior and Year of Youth. All these are to deepen civic education on mutual help and caring for the disadvantaged to help create a harmonious society.

  Henderson Land Kicks off its Year of Youth to Inspire Perseverance among Members of the Younger Generation

         Henderson Land Development Group officially launched the themed Year of Youth at Hotel ICON on 19 March 2015. Mr. LAM Woon-Kwong, Holder of Hong Kong's GBS (Grand Bauhinia Star), Justice of the Peace (JP), and Convenor of the Executive Council of the HKSAR Government, graced the grand opening as the officiating guest. Also present to show their support were members of Hong Kong's Legislative Council, prominent educational and business leaders, housing owners, and the partners, management and staff of Henderson Land. The atmosphere was cordial, lively and highly positive.

 The unveiling of the Year of Youth was impeccably organised. After the strains of the singalong of “Soaring Elites (菁英翱翔)”, the theme song of the Year of Youth and a fun-filled interactive texting activity had kick-started the opening, Mr. SUEN Kwok-lam, Mr. LAM Woon-kwong, NPC deputies Ms. Sophie LEUNG Lau Yau-fun, LegCo Members Dr Hon Priscilla LEUNG Mei-fun, SBS,JP, Mr. NG Leung-sing, SBS, JP, Ms. Starry LEE Wai-king, JP and other prestigious speakers shed light and offered insights on current issues regarding youngsters in a sharing session, expressing confidence that teenagers would be able to make progress proactively and demonstrate perseverance. The event was conducted in a fluent and well-paced manner, thanks in very large part to our volunteer guest hosts, the well-known and popular disc-jockeys Ms. Candy CHEA and Mr. Francis MAK, while members of the Hong Kong Rope Skipping Club also delivered a fabulous freestyle performance much to the delight of all the guests and spectators. In keeping with tradition, Henderson Scholarships were awarded to young talents living in its housing estates, and outstanding Henderson volunteers received their due recognition.

         The events of the Year of Youth will be sponsored by the Centum Caritas Foundation, the Ai You (Hong Kong) Foundation and the Loving Home Foundation (家園基金), with a focus on projects that will cover a range of issues relating to youth development.

 In evidence of Henderson's ongoing commitment to exercising social responsibility, the Henderson Land Development Group became the first enterprise to hold Theme Years directed toward the promotion of public awareness and actions in respect of major social issues. Starting from 1998, it has successively promoted the Year of Fire Prevention (防火年), the Year of Cleanliness (清潔年), the Millennium Year of Environmental Protection, the Year of Education, the Year of Courtesy, the Year of Team Spirit, the Year of Integrity, the Year of Safety, the Year of Diligence and Savings, the Year of Care and the Year of Seniors. The core objectives of the Theme Years are to improve civic education, to strengthen bonds among people, to care for the elderly and the needy, and to promote social harmony.


The opening ceremony of “The Year of Senior” organized by the Property Management Department of Henderson Land Group was inaugurated officially by Mr. Matthew CHEUNG Kin-chung, GBS, JP, Secretary for Labour and Welfare in The Mira on 3 June 2013. There were approximately 500 participants, including those from the political, business and academic sectors, social elites, senior management of Henderson Land Development Company Limited and representatives of owners of its housing estates, partners, the elderly from NGOs. Moreover, it was Candy CHEA Shuk-mui, the experienced and famous broadcaster, who initiated the opening ceremony and held the talk. Suen Kwok Lam, the Executive Director of Henderson Land Development Company Limited, expressed his hope of raising public awareness of caring about the elderly by “The Year of Senior”, a continuation of the spirit of “The Year of Care”. This was a conformation to the objective of giving back to the society as stated by Dr. Lee Shau Kee, the Chairman. In addition to making the public aware of providing dependence and giving financial support to the elderly, the level of taking care of the elderly needed to be elevated. There were twofold meanings of the pleasure from helping others. Not only pleasing the elderly through the assistance, but also hoping that they could stay healthy and optimistic. There was a lot to be enjoyed for the one who offered help as well. On the day of the opening ceremony, Henderson Scholarship Scheme was as usual awarded to youngsters who live in its housing estates. Moreover, special donation amounting to $500,000 and wheelchairs were given to Community CareAge Foundation. A sum of $200,000 was also donated to “Project for the Third Age” organized by the Institute of Active Ageing of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. At the end, the joyful choir and dancers of Hong Kong Association of Senior Citizens came to sing and dance joyously, followed by and won a burst of applause.

Caring for and making contributions to the society with heart. Property Management Department of Henderson commences the “Year of Care”

The Property Management Department of Henderson Land Development Company celebrated the official commencement of the “Year of Care” on 31 May 2011. The commencement ceremony was officiated by Rita Fan Tsui Lai-tai, JP, Standing Committee member of the National People’s Congress, and some 500 participants including political and commercial elites, senior executives of Henderson, representatives of the Company’s residential developments, business partners, elderly citizens and employees. The ceremony was initiated by some candle-holding children.
In her speech, Mrs. Fan recognized the importance of care and love in the society and used gusting wind and sun in a metaphor to illustrate that warmth is more beneficial to problem solving. The society will be full of warmth if everyone makes his share of contribution. She called on residential neighbours to enhance the power of care and love.
Over the past decades, Henderson Land Development Company has taken various means to realize its vision of “taking from society, repaying society” both internally and externally. Regardless of political stance, social class and industrial sector, the Company proactively extends care and love to those in need. In view of worsening social contradiction and the increasing number of underprivileged, the Property Management Department of Henderson Land Development Company used “Care ” as a theme and joined hands with Hang Oi Charitable Foundation to help those who are in need.

Given the impact of the international financial tsunami, the economic environment of Hong Kong has changed drastically. Hang Yick responds by inculcating thrift and hard work on the part of companies, employees and citizens in order to become stronger in an adverse environment.

Take “Heaven rewards the diligent, and fancy or simple according one’s budget” as the slogan to call on citizens to return to the traditional Chinese virtues of diligence and thrift.

Well Born attaches importance to employees’ occupational safety and health, and instills information about these matters into the minds of employees, in addition to making efforts to provide employees with a safe working environment. To intensify the publicity, the company formulates a “Safety Year” to cooperate with the OHSAS18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System, so as to strengthen employees’ awareness of occupational safety and health.

The “Integrity Year” mainly aims at promoting loyalty, integrity and virtue, and arousing citizens to treat people and conduct themselves in the society with integrity for the joint creation of a fair, clean and harmonious society. We encourage ourselves with the motto of “keeping sincere and integral while maintaining clean and honest virtues” in an effort to become the most integral, the cleanest and the most honest property management company in Hong Kong, if not the most prestigious one in Hong Kong.  

The “Integrity Year” covers the activities conducted in 2005 and 2006, whose curtain was raised with the “Integrity Year Slogan Creation Competition” for home owners/tenants, employees and cooperation partners, and in which many “Training Classes for Integrity Management Tutors” were run with the help of the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC). More than 300 persons have already completed the courses, and in the days to come, various activities and training sessions will be conducted from the parts to the whole to promote a clean and honest atmosphere all around.

The “Cooperation Year” cuts across the years to extend team spirit. 

Well Born sets 2003 as the “Cooperation Year”, originally scheduled for the middle of April, blissfully unaware of the impending appearance of a SARS epidemic unlikely to be repeated during the next hundred years. To avoid increasing the risk of spreading the epidemic, and to cooperate with Hong Kong citizens in fighting against it, the “Cooperation Year” proves to be even more significant, and the management resolutely decides to extend the “Cooperation Year” ceremony.

Through more than 3 months’ of effort by all the citizens of Hong Kong, the epidemic is finally controlled, and calm is restored in Fragrant River, the 3 months’ of efforts by all the citizens of Hong Kong in “working together with one heart to jointly fight against the epidemic” having fully demonstrated the power of team spirit and cooperation, thereby better highlighting the significance of the “Cooperation Year”.

Moreover, the spirit of cooperation is extended over the long-term, and to highlight this significance, the “Cooperation Year” crosses from 2003 into 2004, deepening the promotion theme and fostering and enhancing the spirit of cooperation.

“When you are more polite, people naturally stay around, and happiness comes from their hearts; care about others, modestly yield, and put service first”.

To cooperate with the transformation of the economy of Hong Kong, the service industry has become the mainstream, so the “Politeness Year” is taken as the theme for this year’s forward-looking, all-round upward push for Well Born’s top-quality interactive management service, and at the same time, it is possible for the Fragrant River to reclaim the reputation of the “State of Etiquette”, which is more cordial and attractive, boosting social harmony with each passing day.

It is emphasized in the report on the work of the Government in the millennium year that educational policies are to “be based on knowledge and will attach importance to talents”, which coincides with the aim of the 2001 “Talent Training Year” formulated by Well Born. Well Born allocates special funds to set up a ‘Talent Training Scholarship Program’ to praise students with both fine morals and good academic records who live in the house gardens under its management in order to promote education, improve the academic atmosphere in the hope of catching a whale by throwing out a minnow, and in order to do our bit for training talents for Hong Kong. 

On the other hand, with the advancement of society, the management of properties tends to become more diversified and professionalized. In addition to house gardens and building management, it is also necessary to consider the needs in a variety of areas such as environmental protection, home owner/tenant entertainment activities, upgrading of knowledge, and living tastes, demonstrating that Well Born has always attached importance to on-job training for employees in an effort to train specialized talents for specialized jobs and to form a professional property management team.

Upon entry into the 21st century, environmental protection becomes a matter of public concern. Therefore, Well Born sets 2000 as the “Millennium Environment Protection Year” and promotes environmental protection information to home owners/tenants and employees through different types of environmental protection programs. For example, within house gardens the company selects environmental-friendly methods to collect litter, implementing litter classification, and encourages the reduction of litter, conservation of water and electricity, management of noise, and protection of resources. In cooperation with the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System, the company conducts a series of environmental protection activities, including encouraging tenants to classify litter for recycling, using environmental-friendly garbage bags, holding a 100-person tree planting day, beach cleaning activities, and a house garden picture drawing competition on environmental protection, as well as the recycling of old clothes. Through these activities, the company brings environmental protection information to house gardens at every level, thereby creating a beautiful living environment.