Well Born Real Estate Management Limited

Management Philosophy

Well Born upholds its management philosophy of “Interactive Services for Quality Management”and strives for excellence and perfection. We steadily improve services and adopts “Interactive Management Model”and take the initiative to meet the needs of clients before they ask for service. We are committed to the sustainable development of our business. We provide quality property management service to our clients and at the same time strive to minimize any impact on the environment incurred from our business running, take care of the needs of our community, put value on the quality of our working partner and provide equitable, safe and healthy workplaces.

Interactive Management

Through the development and implementation of an effective Integrated Management System (IMS), which complies with the requirements of “Quality Management System ISO9001”, “Complaints Handling Management System ISO10002”, “Environmental Management System ISO14001”, and “Occupational Health and Safety Management System OHSAS18001”. We are able to design a management plan that is up to par with international standard, tailors to the actual circumstances of various properties, and meets the needs of different clients. We review management plans regularly and make proper modifications so as to keep abreast of time.

Environmental Protection

During the policy making process, the environmental factor rides its lead to minimize the damage to the environment. In return, we are able to achieve or even go beyond the statutory requirement. There are all-rounded energy saving promotion undergoing in offices, including “paperless office” and other energy efficiency enhancement schemes. We aim to promote energy reduction, energy efficiency, recycling and waste reduction in offices.

Community Activity

It is always our pledge to release “Positive Energy” to the community. We devote to promoting civic awareness among both customers and staff through the introduction of “Theme Year” concept. We used to encourage employees to take part to community activity and volunteer service by holding joint events with several non-profit making corporations. In this respect, Henderson Land Group Property Management Department has organized a volunteer group “Team of Care” (恒愛義工隊) who has been achieving Champion of Highest Service Hour Award for several times.

Working Partners

We rely on a range of contractors and suppliers to support our delivery of quality and efficient services of our clients. They are strictly required to comply with our quality control and environmental policies. There are 1,800 contractors and suppliers in our database which provides great support for the properties. Regular assessment and spot checks are conducted on the service providers in 6 key factors. They are quality assurance, experience, cooperativeness, occupational safety, environmental protection, and tidiness. The assessment rating will affect their chances in our future tender invitation.

Occupational Health and Safety

Nowadays, occupational health and safety has aroused the society’s concern which also received special attention from Well Born. Undoubtedly, a health and safe workplace can enhance staff’s working output so that our productivity and competitiveness can also be lifted. Aiming at minimizing workplace injury by enhancing staff’s awareness in occupational health and safety, the Occupational Health & Safety Committee has been organizing different trainings, competitions, meetings, information dissemination, visits and seminars related to occupational health and safety.


To enhance the skills and knowledge of staff, we have developed a training plan and lined up external training programmes, so as to provide on-the-job training and fee subsidies every year. In an attempt to promote the importance of family values, Well Born offers paternity leave for male staff members as well as red packets and subsidies for childbirth. Each staff member is offered equal working opportunities. Such equal opportunity and non-discrimination practices underscore the culture we seek to engender in our daily working environment.