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Press Release


The slogan of The Hong Kong Volunteer Award is "Care for Hong Kong, Everyone Volunteers", and hopes to affirm and commend the dedication and contribution of volunteers through a series of awards! The Home and Youth Affairs Bureau and the Agency for Volunteer Service co-organized the launching ceremony of the "Hong Kong Volunteer Awards 2023", which was held on 24 July 2023 at the Golden Bauhinia Square in Wanchai. During the event, volunteer torches were transmitted in three different forms: "sea", "land" and "air", symbolizing the promotion of voluntary work in an all-round way and spreading love to every corner of Hong Kong. Mr. Suen, Executive Director, Ms. Ida Chan, Chief Administration Officer, and the Team of Care, together with the Honorary Advisors, Committee members and representatives of the supporting organizations of the Hong Kong Volunteer Award, boarded the Bauhinia after the launching ceremony, and distributed more than 100 lucky bags to the elderly, and have fun with them.