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Press Release

Henderson Property Management Department Holds First AI Chess Competition to Enhance Residents’ Living Experience


Henderson Property Management Department held the "AI Chess Ultimate Challenge" event at Henley Park, an estate in Kai Tak, on September 16, 2023. The ten contestants were the champions of the AI chess competition in each of its estates. Champion representatives from various districts gathered for the ultimate showdown with the AI chess-playing robot. The chess competition disrupted your traditional perception, ten contestants were divided into five teams of two to compete against AI robots. Each team had to challenge the AI robot within a time limit to reach the highest level. All the contestants were very engaged. It not only stimulated everyone's interest in artificial intelligence but also facilitated estates and communities in creating an atmosphere conducive to technology. Through the cooperation of its partner Youth We Go, Henderson Property Management Department is honored to invite Mr. Fung Ka Chun, the Asian Games representative of the Hong Kong team attended the event. Not only did he share his experience of Chinese chess with the participants, but he also performed an exhibition match with an AI chess-playing robot, which was an eye-opener for everyone. Mr. Suen, Executive Director of Henderson Land Development, presented an AI chess-playing robot to support him and wish them good results in the Asian Games.