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Press Release

Green Power Hike 2024


"Green Power Hike" is an annual event which is dedicated to the promotion of nature appreciation through hands-on hiking experience. Green Power Hike participants are encouraged to explore the Ecology of Hong Kong Trail, as well as to put the “Leave-No-Trace” concept into practice by taking their rubbish away, recycling the rubbish and reducing resource use. This year, the Henderson Property Management Department achieved great results in the competition, winning the 1st runner-up in the 10-kilometer race, the 2nd runner-up in the 25-kilometer race, and the champion in the 50-kilometer race respectively!On that day, Mr. Ellis Ip, Senior Deputy General Manager of Hang Yick, led colleagues to go around the top of the mountain to practice the spirit of "Leave-No-Trace ". In the afternoon, he went to the finish line of Big Wave Bay to welcome all the runners as well as drove the volunteers out of the venue after the event. Also, thanks to the management for leading all the contestants and support staff to attend the starting ceremony, as well as all the volunteers on the day for their assistance and support.