Well Born Real Estate Management Limited

Press Release

IAQ Certification Scheme 2013


Henderson Land Group Property Management Department –Well Born Real Estate Management Ltd. has been fully manifested its continuous commitment to improve the indoor air quality (IAQ) and promote public awareness of the importance of IAQ for residential buildings throughout the years. In the participation of IAQ Certification Scheme 2013 organized by the HKSAR Government, Well Born has obtained a numbers of Excellent Class Certificates and Good Class Certificates of Indoor Air Quality Certificate Award for it estates. The Award ceremony was inaugurated officially by Ms. Anissa Wong, Sean-yee, JP, the Permanent Secretary for the Environment. Excellent Class Certificates(Whole Building) The Beverly Hill Resident’s (Clubhouse) Good Class Certificates Grand Waterfront(Clubhouse) Regence Royale(G/F Lobby and 8/F Clubhouse) Grand Promenade(Common Areas of Clubhouse) The Beverly Hills(Control Room)