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Press Release

Health @ work.hk Project Recognition Ceremony 2015


Well Born Estate Management Ltd. of Henderson Land Group Property Management Department, has been fully manifested its continuous commitment not only to provide Excellent Quality Property Management Services but also to reinforce the importance of safety working environment ,health awareness of employees and employees' sense of belongings which to avoid happening of working injury in order to enhance productivity and competitive. Health @ work.hk Project Recognition Ceremony 2015was successfully held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre on 16th December 2015. The Recognition Ceremony was officiated by Director of Health, Dr. Constance HY Chan, JP, Controller, Centre for Health Protection, Dr. TH Leung, JP, Chairman of the Working Group on Diet and Physical Activity, Prof. Alfred CM Chan, BBS, JP, Vice Chairman of Occupational Safety and Health Council, Dr. Alan HS Chan, JP and Acting Occupational Health Consultant, Labour Department, Dr. WC Chik. Hang Yick and Well Born has been presented at the ceremony in recognition of the support for the Health@work.hk Project.