Well Born Real Estate Management Limited

Press Release

CRE Awards 2018


Henderson Land Group Property Management Department(Hang Yick Properties Management ,Well Born Real Estate Management and H-Privilege) has received the CRE Awards for 16 consecutive years. We are pleased to be awarded ‘Customer Relationship Marketing Service of the Year (Property Management)’ & ‘Corporate Environmental Leadership of the Year (Property Management)’ by the APCSC. “Henderson Land Group Property Management Department (Hang Yick ,Well Born &H-Privilege)”had been achieved numerous “CRE Awards”in Customer Services and other achievements over the years. These achievements have fully manifested our continuous commitment to strive for excellence in premium property management services. It is not only served as a proof of customer’s recognition, but also a great encouragement to motivate us to attain even better performance.” Henderson Land Group Property Management Department has been upholding its management philosophy – “Interactive Services for Quality Management” and steps forward to make commitment to corporate social responsibility, customer relationship and social leadership.