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Improvements Bring New Chapter Henderson Land’s Year of Reforms Unfolds


The Year of Reforms - Henderson Land’s theme of the year - has been officially inaugurated at the 2018 reunion and recognition dinner of the property management department held at The Mira on 22 January 2019. Mr. Suen Kwok Lam, BBS, MH, JP, Executive Director of Henderson Land, said the entire staff of the property management department had shown dedication in striving for excellence in the past year, garnering recognitions and good results in different aspects. In addition to maintaining professionalism in property management, they also continued their services essential for the Group’s development. However, to prevent established rules and systems from being regarded as mere routine and suffering slack implementation, this year has been designated as the Year of Reforms for all staff members to seek retrospection and self-improvements, so as to eliminate weaknesses and achieve advancement. Citing the Book of Rites: “If you renew yourself for one day, you can renew yourself daily, and continue to do so”, Mr. Suen encouraged the staff to not only focus on insufficiencies but also create improvements and innovative proposals. Ideas or proposals selected would be awarded with at least HK$2,000 without cap. He expressed his hope that the Year of Reforms could refresh and rejuvenate the property management department. Upholding its corporate social responsibility, Henderson Land is the first to promote and deepen awareness of social issues with the help of themed years. Themes from 1998 include Year of Fire Safety, Year of Cleanliness, Year of Environmental Protection, Year of Education, Year of Courtesy, Year of Team Spirit, Year of Integrity, Year of Safety, Year of Diligence & Savings, Year of Care, Year of Senior and Year of Youth. All these are to deepen civic education on mutual help and caring for the disadvantaged to help create a harmonious society.