Well Born Real Estate Management Limited

Theme Year

2000 Year of Environment Protection


Upon entry into the 21st century, environmental protection becomes a matter of public concern. Therefore, Well Born sets 2000 as the “Millennium Environment Protection Year” and promotes environmental protection information to home owners/tenants and employees through different types of environmental protection programs. For example, within house gardens the company selects environmental-friendly methods to collect litter, implementing litter classification, and encourages the reduction of litter, conservation of water and electricity, management of noise, and protection of resources. In cooperation with the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System, the company conducts a series of environmental protection activities, including encouraging tenants to classify litter for recycling, using environmental-friendly garbage bags, holding a 100-person tree planting day, beach cleaning activities, and a house garden picture drawing competition on environmental protection, as well as the recycling of old clothes. Through these activities, the company brings environmental protection information to house gardens at every level, thereby creating a beautiful living environment.