Well Born Real Estate Management Limited

Theme Year

2001 Year of Education


It is emphasized in the report on the work of the Government in the millennium year that educational policies are to “be based on knowledge and will attach importance to talents”, which coincides with the aim of the 2001 “Talent Training Year” formulated by Well Born. Well Born allocates special funds to set up a ‘Talent Training Scholarship Program’ to praise students with both fine morals and good academic records who live in the house gardens under its management in order to promote education, improve the academic atmosphere in the hope of catching a whale by throwing out a minnow, and in order to do our bit for training talents for Hong Kong. On the other hand, with the advancement of society, the management of properties tends to become more diversified and professionalized. In addition to house gardens and building management, it is also necessary to consider the needs in a variety of areas such as environmental protection, home owner/tenant entertainment activities, upgrading of knowledge, and living tastes, demonstrating that Well Born has always attached importance to on-job training for employees in an effort to train specialized talents for specialized jobs and to form a professional property management team.