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Rice Dumplings for the Community


Taking advantage of the Dragon Boat Festival, the Team of Care actively participated in various volunteer services, combining local forces to help more people with different needs. Team of Care went to the Farm in San Tin, Yuen Long to participate in the "Rice Dumplings for the Community" event organized by the Hong Kong and China Gas Co., Ltd. on June 17 2023. More than 100 volunteers including volunteers from the Agency for Volunteer Service and Hong Kong Care and Poverty Relief Association, hand in hand packaged rice dumplings to the elderly and those in need in various districts, embrace the beneficiaries with love and care.On that day, more than 400 people online and in person from Hong Kong and the Mainland successfully set the Guinness World Record for "the most online and offline people packed rice dumplings together". During the full-day event, more than 3,000 rice dumplings were produced in Hong Kong alone and donated to the community.